Azienda agrituristica "Costiolu" di Costa Giovanni Antonio & F.lli - località Costiolu - (Nuoro) - al Km 90 della S. S. 389 (Nuoro Bitti) Km 10 da nuoro
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The company business is mainly based on sheep breeding, as well as goats, cows, pigs, horses and poultry breeding. sample Connect with this activity is the direct production of cheese, diary products, meat, cold cuts, eggs, honey and fruit and vegetlabes

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“Costiolu” is located north of Nuoro, in the centre of Barbagia di Ollolai. It is a more than 100 hectare piece of land owned by the Costa brothers, in activity from several generations. The estate is situated at the 90th Km of the local road S. S. 389 which goes from Nuoro to Bitti, on a plateau 700 meters above sea slevel, beside Mount Lollove and going from Gennargentu Park and from Mount Corrasi to Mount Broncu Spina, Mount Ortobene and Mount Gonare.


The place has been inhabited for 3000 years, which is proved by the existence of the nuragic village “Su Costiolu”, among crok trees and wild pear trees woods, granite rocks “Nodos”, oak woods, scular live oak woods, within a woodland that slopes down towards, the “Sa Rubargia” river with trouts and eels. In this scenario wild boars, foxes, hares, partridges, raptors, rabbits, pine martens, wild cats and Sardinian eagles live and are found...


Cottage and stables have renovanted preservering the warmth and the typical Sardinian house architecture. In the court yard, the roofed-over porches and patii fenced with canes connect the big dinigroom, the livingroom, the storeroom, the cellar, the production premises, several toilets (including one for disabled) the sheepfold and the room “Su pinnettu” for barbecues. 20 beds are available upstairs in 10 different bedroom, 6 of wich are en-suite and 4 with a bathroom every two rooms.